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A little bit of Guatemala

Kelly Dot went to Guatemala on a medical missions trip and ministered to many people medically. She took wonderful photos which she has posted on her Facebook account. (I may go steal some for my blog). Kelly also brought back a few gifts and we just received a package in the mail today!! Dave received coffee grown in the volcanic mountains, packaged beautifully in Guatemalan fabric. I received 3 large pieces of spun fabric, which I will have to contemplate carefully what to make with it, as I don't dare waste it on something frivolous. And Jenn received a small zippered purse bag with beautiful woven fabric. Thank you Kelly Dot for such thoughtfulness and wonderful gifts!!

Hide and Seek

It amazes me how God can use the simplest things in life to teach me lessons. A couple of weekends ago I was playing Hide and Seek with my nephew and he asked me to "hide" with him. So we went to hide while Uncle Dave was left to seek. We went into my nephews bedroom and it was dark, a perfect spot to hide. We then proceeded to drape a quilt from his bed over our heads so that we couldn't be "found". As our "seekers" came near the bedroom door, and snickers from under our quilts suddenly quieted, the door opened then closed. Our seekers left without finding the searched for "hiders". As you read this you may think we were very clever "hiders". What you may not know is, my nephew is in a wheel chair that is too big to fit into his closet or any tight or small space, so our hiding was in the middle of his bedroom floor with wheels, feet, and most of my body fully exposed to our seekers. Our seekers were gracious enough to play alon…