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Dave was out of town in Atlanta, GA training for a new position with Philips so Jenny and I took advantage of doing all the things we wanted to that we knew Dave wouldn’t want to do if he were home. You know things like eating cereal for supper, keeping the unfinished Christmas decorations out every night until it was finished and watching Hallmark movies. Oh yeah, and going to a ballet.

Neither Jenn nor I had ever been to a ballet before and we chose to begin our ballet repertoires with The Nutcracker performed by the Canadian Ballet. The musical score was of course familiar and wonderfully played by a live orchestra which we could not see from where we sat. I was familiar with the general plot of the ballet, “19th century girl at Christmastime receives a Nutcracker doll for a Christmas gift and dreams of her toy as her boyfriend”. That’s about all I knew of the story line. Although dated from a culture the 21st century no longer embraces, the story line in the Nutcracker is a timele…

Julia's Boeuf Bourguignon

I have a confession to make. I fell into the "Julie and Julia"" movie trap. Jenny and I watched the movie "Julie and Julia" the day after it opened in the theaters. Promptly after the movie was over I persuaded Jenny to drive me to Borders so I could buy Julia Childs "Mastering the Art of French Cooking". I must preface the next sentence by saying I LOVED the movie and would recommend it to anyone, male and female, for a laugh out loud, no one gets naked, feel good when you leave, movie. But Borders has a great marketing person who knew me and people just like me would march right out of the theaters ready to become the next Julies' wanting to work our way through Julia's cookbook.

Ok, so I really don't want to work my way through that humongous cookbook, but they made the food that Julie, in the movie, cooked look SOOOO good that I, of course, had to spend $40 to buy the book to try those one or three recipes that I salivated over while s…

The Visit Part II - Family

Dave and Uncle Larry enjoyed shooting this rifle into some birds. Dave thoroughly enjoyed this trip from the motorcycle ride down and back to being able to shoot right off the front porch.

Aunt Billie taking a rarely seen rest. She's always on the go, but slowed down long enough to sit a spell and chat.

Laurie and Daddy posing for a snapshot. Laurie is holding a rose they sent home with me. It smelled so good. Dad packed us full of goodies for the trip home. Loved the fresh spring water!


Remember the beautiful strawberries we were so anxiously waiting for?

Chippenstein got to it first. I waited to post this picture because Dave wanted me to post a dead chippy lying beside the eaten strawberry. I'm sure any of you who have ever grown a garden and/or dealt with the little robbing theives know how we are feeling about this sight.Thankfully, we have had other strawberries come on where we were the first to access their sweet fruit, but we are in WAR with Chippenstein for each one!

The Visit Part I - The Pets

We went to Chillicothe recently to visit family. This trip I took pictures of the pets. They are part of the family, but often we overlook them when thinking of family pictures.

This is Cody, Larry and Billie's dog. Bear was too shy to pose for the camera, but he's their other dog, and yes, he looks like a little black bear.

This is Cass. He has lost a LOT of weight believe it or not. Cass is one of those "curious" cats and loves to investiage anything. In this case, he wanted to know what was in my purse. Dad and Laurie get a kick out of watching his many antics.

This is Sam. Sam is beautiful and he knows it. Not in an arrogant kind of way, but he is one self confident cat. Sam is older than Cass and becomes quite annoyed when Cass wants to play with his tail, or just reach out a "touch" him as Sam walks by.


The anticipation is building. Tomatoes are popping onto the plant almost daily and the first ones to appear are getting bigger!

The green beans are beginning to bloom. You know what that means!!! Soon there will be beans!

And our first strawberry is beginning to ripen, ohhhh, the anticipation is so exiting!


Growing season is in full bloom! I love planting a garden and reaping the harvest it produces. Last year we planted fruits and vegetables in the garden at the edge of our property near the woods. This plot backs up to a landscaped garden of our neighbors. While I enjoyed having a plot of land all ready for planting, there were many issues that arose in the location of last year's garden. There wasn't enough sun to produce some of the vegetables and fruits, and due to it's proximity to the woods, it seemed the deer thought we had planted the garden just for them! They even ate my jalapeno' pepper plants, peppers and all!!

So, this year, I decided to rely on knowledge gained during our years of land deprivation and planted a deck garden. So far we haven't had any deer brave enough to walk up the steps to our deck and help themselves. Grant it, I can't plant near the variety or amount of vegetables we did last year, but I dare say, we will end up with more harvest …

My Favorite Spots

I have a favorite spot in my house. It is sitting in the chaise lounge in the sun room at the back of our house. This is the first place I come to when I get home from work. Dave, Jenny and I will gather in the sun room to unwind, telling each other anecdotes from our day. In the evening, after dinner, I often find myself in this chair catching up on e-mails or Facebook. More recently, this has been my spot for reading and journaling too. I'll cover myself with a quilt or afghan and type away as thoughts come to me and I try to capture what it is I am feeling. I have found that God speaks to me while I do this as I am quieting myself enough to focus on these thoughts and scriptures that God brings to mind.

Sometimes I just sit here and watch the birds outside fly in, fuss with each other, or just sit in a tree and sing. Every so often we are blessed to catch movement in the woods behind our house which often signals deer. Then a call goes out to whoever is in the house .."DEER…


Frank and Maureen, good friends and our neighbors, said one word to Dave that sent us both running to their house tonight. Potstickers. Yep you read that right, potstickers. These aren't just any potstickers, these are from Chinatown in San Francisco. (Frank get's lots of good food from San Fran). Frank, an airline pilot, gets these when he travels and brings them back. These are the best potstickers, this side of China, that Dave and I have ever tasted.

OK, so we've never had potstickers from China,... but I can imagine they are good too.

Pat and Nancy, these even rival the ones from Mundelein. These are so good, that I took my camera with me tonight so that I could capture the essence of these big, fat, meaty potstickers.

Go ahead...look below...and remember what the bible says.......Thou shall not covet.

Happy Easter!!

After a full weekend of Easter activities, we are winding down our Easter celebrations. We started our Easter with quiet Friday's at work, followed by a special dinner with Rick, Donna and Ryan Saturday afternoon, a potluck Easter breakfast at church with oh so many wonderful dishes this Sunday morning, and a simple early dinner here at home today. We have stopped counting our calories and are counting our blessings instead. Dave and I have so many blessings to be thankful for. We have our jobs, a roof over our heads, food on our table and family and friends who love us and pray for us. Most of all we are thankful that Jesus Christ came to this earth, fully God and fully man, willingly gave up His life for us, so that we may have eternal life, living in the awesome presence of our God. Happy Easter!!

A little bit of Guatemala

Kelly Dot went to Guatemala on a medical missions trip and ministered to many people medically. She took wonderful photos which she has posted on her Facebook account. (I may go steal some for my blog). Kelly also brought back a few gifts and we just received a package in the mail today!! Dave received coffee grown in the volcanic mountains, packaged beautifully in Guatemalan fabric. I received 3 large pieces of spun fabric, which I will have to contemplate carefully what to make with it, as I don't dare waste it on something frivolous. And Jenn received a small zippered purse bag with beautiful woven fabric. Thank you Kelly Dot for such thoughtfulness and wonderful gifts!!

Hide and Seek

It amazes me how God can use the simplest things in life to teach me lessons. A couple of weekends ago I was playing Hide and Seek with my nephew and he asked me to "hide" with him. So we went to hide while Uncle Dave was left to seek. We went into my nephews bedroom and it was dark, a perfect spot to hide. We then proceeded to drape a quilt from his bed over our heads so that we couldn't be "found". As our "seekers" came near the bedroom door, and snickers from under our quilts suddenly quieted, the door opened then closed. Our seekers left without finding the searched for "hiders". As you read this you may think we were very clever "hiders". What you may not know is, my nephew is in a wheel chair that is too big to fit into his closet or any tight or small space, so our hiding was in the middle of his bedroom floor with wheels, feet, and most of my body fully exposed to our seekers. Our seekers were gracious enough to play alon…


Laurie, my sister sent me these. In case you can't tell, it is the 80's. Jenny was born in 1984 and Mike in 1985. This was Christmas at my parents house. Dad made Jenn a rocking chair and Mike a rocking horse. Jenn also has a home made dolly from her Aunt Donna. I think she still has it somewhere today. I have to brag, I had cute babies. Now I have wonderful adult children that make me proud.