The Gang's all here!........well almost

We're missing Rick's 3, no 4, oldest kids and Tim's family. Mom is in all of our hearts. This is my family after we've all stuffed ourselves silly eating a Thanksgiving feast at Rick and Donna's house. This is also the official kick-off of the holiday season. I wish all of you some of the best times and fondest memories. In the midst of the bustle, don't forget the One who we are celebrating.


  1. Speaking of kicking off the holiday season - Miss you! I had a Christmas tea/ornament/cookie exchange yesterday for Calvary and guests. Great turnout! And lots of support and help from our dear friend Chris. But missed you. . .

  2. Celia!! I saw pictures of your wonderful gathering on Chris' blog! It really made me wish I was there. Everything looked lovey and fun. You know that is something I would have totally enjoyed. Miss you so much


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