We're moving!!

It's official. Dave has been promoted to Service Manager at the Cleveland Clinic. Dave has been doing the job, commuting back and forth from Cleveland, Ohio since the week before Thanksgiving 2006. Well, it's official now. The papers have been signed and we will be moving to Cleveland, Ohio as soon as we sell our house.


  1. Mindy---

    I am so glad for you!!! I'm sad for Calvary---what a gem they will be losing! Will you have to plan the wedding from Cleveland??

    Love you lots!!


  2. We are hoping to still be in our house for the wedding. If God has other plans then we'll do things from Cleveland. Being the parents of the groom, we don't have as much responsibility as the Lloyds have so it will be fine wherever we end up.

  3. Hi Mindy - Tell Dave congratulations on the office promotion. Moving is a pain so I wish you luck with that....

    Kenny and I just recently booked our flights for Mike's wedding. We can't wait to see everybody!


  4. Yay!! Kenny and Colleen are coming to the wedding!!

  5. Just because you are moving doesn't mean you shouldn't add more stuff to your blog!!! GIMMMEEE more Mindy!!!

    Love you!1



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