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We're moving!!

It's official. Dave has been promoted to Service Manager at the Cleveland Clinic. Dave has been doing the job, commuting back and forth from Cleveland, Ohio since the week before Thanksgiving 2006. Well, it's official now. The papers have been signed and we will be moving to Cleveland, Ohio as soon as we sell our house.
For New Years Eve, we had our good friends over to help us ring in the new year. Ken and Celia, Chuck and Chris and Sam and Kelly joined us for a dinner where everyone contributed to the supper table. Later, the men played a few hands of poker while us women watched "Take the Lead". Well at least the movie was on. Certain person's didn't make it through to the midnight hour and fell asleep before the New year came. This pic is the way I sat the table for the evening. Those of you who know me, know this is one of my delights. To set a table to fits the occasion.

Mike and Kelly, Christmas2006

Mike and Kelly in front of the formal tree where we open gifts. This is the first Christmas that Kelly got to spend with us. We really enjoyed having her with us.

Jenn, Christmas 2006

This is Jenny at Christmas displaying the gift that Mike got her. Old sunken timber at the bottom of Lake Superior is brought up and carved with laser beams to create beautiful images. This is a carving board. Jenn liked it!!
This is Dave and me at Christmas time in front of the family tree. We had all the kids home, Jenny, Mike and our newest memeber (or soon to be) Kelly.